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Who We Are

Elko Heat Company (EHC), founded in 1982 through a Department of Energy Grant, is a 42-year-old public utility in Elko, Nevada. Specializing in geothermal heating, EHC uses its unique artisanal water for mineral harvesting and provides district heating services to 23 customers. The company's well yields 400 gallons per minute of potable geothermal water with 2100 acre-ft consumptive rights.

EHC leads several innovative projects, including "Project Inversion," which uses geothermal energy to produce 15 tons of green hydrogen per day. Additionally, EHC is developing a new facility with advanced hot-rock technology, demonstrating its commitment to sustainability.

In partnership with Nexrgy and SK Group, EHC is deploying the EPMS Express Cube® power management system along the I-80 corridor, as part of a strategic placement of over 500 units. This effort, under EHC's "Powering the Power" initiative, enhances regional energy stability and storage. By using "behind the fence" techniques, EHC can scale projects faster and at lower costs, reinforcing its role as a leader in sustainable energy solutions in Nevada.

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