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Project Inversion

Project Inversion is our innovative initiative to revolutionize energy production and economic growth in Nevada through green hydrogen production using geothermal energy.

Global Partnerships and Expertise

We have strategic alliances with Siemens and Thyssenkrupp, global leaders in hydrogen technology. Under the leadership of Lawrence Irvine, an expert in hydrogen facility construction, with 42 completed we are set to advance both hydrogen production and geothermal power generation.

Commitment to Environmental Stewardship

Our hydrogen fuel cells provide efficient energy management, replacing diesel generators in hospitals and ensuring reliable, eco-friendly energy during peak demand.

Economic and Job Creation Impact

Project Inversion is projected to create 1,200-1,600 permanent jobs in trucking and 800 construction jobs in Phase 1. These opportunities span various functions, enhancing local employment and attracting a diverse workforce, including women and younger professionals.

Geothermal and Infrastructure Resilience

Our 30 MW hot-rock geothermal power plant will enhance Elko’s power infrastructure, benefiting schools, businesses, residential areas, and the airport. It will act as a virtual power plant, supporting the grid during high demand and emergencies, thus increasing community energy resilience.


Strategic Advantages of Elko

Elko's strategic location, with access to Interstate 80 and the Union Pacific Railroad, positions it as an ideal hub for hydrogen distribution to West Coast markets.

Decarbonizing Downtown Elko

We plan to extend our geothermal heating loop to incorporate new cooling technologies, covering an additional 2.5 million square feet. This will transition numerous buildings from fossil fuels to renewable geothermal energy, significantly reducing the region's carbon footprint.

Innovative Hydrogen Production

We will produce 15-18 tons of green hydrogen daily using geothermal energy, minimizing environmental impact. The process generates oxygen as a by-product, which will support mining operations throughout Northern Nevada.

The Hydrogen Highway Initiative

Project Inversion is part of a broader vision to establish a "Hydrogen Highway" across the West Coast, creating a reliable green hydrogen supply chain for next-generation transportation. This initiative aligns with national sustainable energy goals, positioning Nevada as a leader in green technology.




Project Inversion is set to drive significant progress in sustainable energy and economic growth in Nevada, positioning Elko as a central hub in the green technology sector.

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