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Decentralized Utility

- At Scale

Leveraging Green Hydrogen and Geothermal Resources.

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Who We Are

Elko Heat Company (EHC), founded in 1982 through a Department of Energy Grant, is a 42-year-old public utility in Elko, Nevada. Specializing in geothermal heating, EHC uses its unique artisanal water for mineral harvesting and provides district heating services to 23 customers. The company's well yields 400 gallons per minute of potable geothermal water with 2100 acre-ft consumptive rights. 


EHC leads several innovative projects, including "Project Inversion," which will utilize advanced geothermal hot-rock technology to produce substantial green hydrogen in Elko.


In partnership with Nexnrgy and SK Group, EHC is deploying the EPMS Express Cube® power management system along the I-80 corridor, as part of a strategic placement of over 500 units. This effort, under EHC's "Powering the Power" initiative, enhances regional energy stability and storage. By using "behind the fence" techniques, EHC can scale projects faster and at lower costs, reinforcing its role as a leader in sustainable energy solutions in Nevada. 

Pilot Story

Elko Heat Company (EHC) has made notable progress in sustainable mineral harvesting, initially revealing substantial quantities of rare-earth minerals in its geothermal water during a 2022 pilot. Subsequent pilots in 2023 and 2024 demonstrated a 13% increase in mineral yield.

EHC, in partnership with H2O MH, has made significant investment since 2020 to optimize advanced filtration technologies such as Reverse Osmosis, Electro-Dialysis Reversal, and Solar Distillation. These efforts led to the development of a hybrid filtration system that efficiently recovers and separates minerals.


The pilot systems produced ultra-pure water and identified valuable minerals including silica for plastics and textiles, lithium for EV batteries, thorium for nuclear energy, barium for nuclear medicine, boron for rocket fuel, and silicon for semiconductors.


Case studies confirmed the economic and sustainable viability of harvesting these minerals. EHC's investments and innovative approaches position it as a leader in sustainable mineral extraction.

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Word from our PRESIDENT

“We are excited to lead the charge in sustainable energy with our new geothermal-powered hydrogen facilities and innovative power generation solutions. These initiatives not only expand our service capabilities but also reinforce our commitment to sustainability and technological advancement.”

Thomas Rackley, President


These developments are strategically aligned with our goals to enhance energy production, secure economic benefits, and foster sustainable community growth.


Future Plans

Our future plans are rooted in a commitment to community engagement and advancing STEM education in Elko, with a focus on renewable technologies like hydrogen and geothermal.

Expanding Energy Solutions

We are scaling our energy solutions with the development of the "Express Cube" model, designed to produce 15 tons of hydrogen per 500-mile radius.


Our non-profit initiatives concentrate on community engagement and aiding Elko's transient population. We are enhancing STEM education through digital and institutional platforms, focusing on hydrogen and geothermal technologies. The creation of a P.N hybrid organization aims to advance Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by improving education, healthcare, and reducing poverty with renewable technologies. This strategic approach bolsters our global impact, promoting North-South and South-South development and decarbonization efforts.


Meet our team


To Contact

(+1) 775-383-6599

P.O. Box 1089 | Minden, NV 89423

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